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Dhulagarh Is Example That Islamic Radicalism Is Taking Over Bengal Because Of Mamata
For almost three days since December 13, Islamic rioters performed the dance of death in Dhulagarh, a town in Howrah district which is just around 30 kilometers from Nabanna – the state secretariat. Yet there was no news about in the mainstream media, including the ‘elitist’ media in the state at the time.

Had it not been for social media, West Bengal’s democratically elected but dictatorial Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would have succeeded in brushing the entire episode under the carpet.
She has, after all, mastered the art of supressing Islamic radicalism in her state and pointing fingers at the BJP accusing them of trying to create tensions.

Reports (after social media highlighted it) say that the violence started during an Eid-e-Milad procession. Within moments, those participating in the procession torched shops and started hurling crude bombs at homes of the majority community. Families, mostly of the majority community, had to flee their homes.

Banerjee para of Dhulogarh is yelling in pain

Can you hear them???#JihadisSiegeBengal pic.twitter.com/zitfhNPpAU

— Sourish Mukherjee (@me_sourish) 22 December 2016

Police, as is usual in Bengal, was helpless.

The rioting continued for three days. But since the community affected by the rioting was the majority one, a certain section of the media and the keyboard-happy intellectuals in Bengal and elsewhere did not feel that “secularism was under threat”.

Hindus ur homes are torched.. you aren’t Mamata’s Vote Bank

You are lesser Humans,will always be targeted and hounded#JihadisSiegeBengal pic.twitter.com/clfBAGyqWz

— Sourish Mukherjee (@me_sourish) 22 December 2016

On the other hand some journalists attempted to play down the Bengal riots because to them Godhra is the only riot that has ever happened.

There were communal clashes in an area of Howrah district: but impt not to exaggerate or spread rumours, read this: https://t.co/VxDBeHyipn https://t.co/UyfKeUHlQl

— Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) 21 December 2016

Ever since Mamata Banerjee came to power, Islamic radicalism in Bengal has grown manifold to the point that any cleric can issue a fatwa against a girls’ football match, radicals can fearlessly issue threats to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister (that’s an obvious danger to foreign relations), Muslim teachers are beaten up for asking students to sing National Anthem, Islamists can destroy Durga idols during Durga Puja, and Muslim leaders in villages can force Hindus not to celebrate Durga Puja itself.

What happened in Dhulagarh is now a regular feature in Bengal.
Even before Dhulagarh, a series of riots had taken place across the state – all of them instigated by Islamic radicals. Yet all of them were treated with kid gloves by the media. Some reported it as sporadic incidents of violence completely blurring the Islamist angle.

What is also shocking is that crude bombs are being lobbed in Bengal like they throw stones in Kashmir. That bombs are all over the place and so readily being used is the biggest proof that very dangerous elements are operating in the state. It also strengthens the fact that the vote-hungry state government has created a pressure that has subdued the police and administration.

It can be safely assumed that Bengal is now the hub of Islamic extremism.
Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of Muslims in the state because of illegal immigration from Bangladesh. And ever since the Bangladeshi government began a crackdown in the country, the Islamic radicals escaped into the welcoming arms of Assam and Bengal governments.

Here they discovered politicians ready to ignore their nefarious, non-secular and extremist designs in exchange for votes from their community. That the community itself is not progressing is something that the religious leaders from the community are themselves not concerned about. When asked about development, Mamata Banerjee accuses the Centre but quite surprisingly manages to find money to shower monthly stipends on almost 30,000 imams in the state to keep them happy.

The Islamists flourished and in less than two decades assumed a dangerous form.

Mamata Banerjee’s own party members follow her lead and act like hooligans against members of other parties. The goondaism they displayed against BJP MPs Roopa Ganguly and Babul Supriyo did not send “shockwaves” through the liberal media which would have obviously gone into a hysteria had BJP members did the same to TMC brethren.

And when BJP leaders in Bengal tried to enter Dhulagarh after the riots to take stock of the situation, Mamata stopped them. BJP alleges that she has allowed members of the banned SIMI to enter the area.
There is also an allegation that Howrah (Rural) Superintendent of Police Sabyasachi Raman Mishra was transferred immediately after he arrested 65 of the rioters.

Draconian Momota’s gundagardi at display. First she gets Hindus bombed, their women molested, now she bars BJP delegation from meeting them. pic.twitter.com/3PkuMTq5pL

— Sonam Mahajan (@AsYouNotWish) 25 December 2016

The local MLAs from the TMC are silent, obviously under Mamata’s orders. The BJP accuses Mamata of appeasing the Muslim community, which is resulting in the emboldening of the radicals.

Very recently Mamata Banerjee became the talk of the country for her overdramatic protest against an Indian Army exercise in her state during the demonetisation drive. That raised many suspicious fingers on her because she was the only CM who opposed in spite of the fact that the exercise was on in seven other states as well. She accused the army of trying to launch a coup and not informing the state government. While the first accusation was mindless, the second one was proven wrong by the Army itself.

Yet no media house or rabid Modi-hating intellectuals wrote or spoke against Mamata’s wild allegations. And NO ONE tried to find out EXACTLY WHY she was opposing the Army exercise.
In their rabid hatred for PM Modi the self-proclaimed liberals continue to either ignore or obfuscate the dangerous face of radical Islam in the country. A nexus of Mamata-media-intellectuals has given the ammo to Islamist radicals in Bengal. In no time, the gangrene will spread to other parts of the country.


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